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  • The Joy of Executive Chaos

    Despite what you may have heard, there are very few natural born leaders. Leadership, whether in a corporate, nonprofit or even in an entrepreneurial setting is a learned behavior. We have found that many of the so-called “natural born leaders” are reactive to any situation that confronts them, rather than being responsive. The style usually results in numerous workplace problems, including substandard performances and employee turnover, or even termination of the leader due to employee complaints.

  • When Those Who Lead Start to Follow

    When Those Who Lead Start to Follow

    There is a somewhat famous story from Japan where the powerful leader of a major manufacturing conglomerate developed a work friendship with an old janitor. Though the story is dated, it is indicative of the philosophy we like to teach at VIM Executive Coaching in the present day.

  • Lightening the Weight of Leadership

    Lightening the Weight of Leadership

    While many of the executives we see wish they could get ahead like “Anna” (we’ll call her that), in private discussions she said that while she loved her job, it was tearing her up inside. She admitted the weight of leadership was keeping her awake at night. She occasionally had panic attacks.

  • In Praise of the Shy Leader

    In Praise of the Shy Leader

    There is never a need for an executive leader of either a for profit or non-profit organization or an entrepreneur for that matter, to be an officious, “barking,” screaming person to be effective. In fact, many clients are referred to VIM Executive Coaching because their style was that “drill sergeant” model, and they were woefully inadequate.

  • The Simplicity of Leadership

    The Simplicity of Leadership

    When we work with an executive leader to teach mindfulness techniques so that complex issues can be more clearly and calmly dealt with to gain a good response rather than knee-jerk reaction, the situation can be more quickly resolved.

  • How Spacious is Your Office?

    How Spacious is Your Office?

    Whenever I have traveled to Japan, I was always amazed to find that in the middle of teeming cities such as Tokyo, tiny areas of quiet created by intention. These areas may have been “postage-stamp sized” gardens, small sculptures, wooden shrines, stone paths or benches tucked away to allow the harried Tokyo resident a respite from the bustle of the city.

  • The Power of Honesty in Leadership

    The Power of Honesty in Leadership

    To be authentic and to be mindful of the emotions, the motivators and the interactions of the employees who come into the workplace is a valuable skill-set. While so much has been written on Millennials versus Gen-X employees in the workplace, for example, VIM Executive Coaching has found that rather than “age,” authenticity is far more important. We have observed authentic Boomers relate to Millennials better, in certain circumstances than some disingenuous Millennial leaders to other Millennials.

  • The Executive Who Faced Loss

    The Executive Who Faced Loss

    The ability to respond to adversity and loss rather than react to it, is a gift that we can never take for granted. The ability to heal, nurture and bring people together, can often make the difference between failure and success. The gift of compassionate leadership goes far beyond material wealth.

  • When There is (Almost) Nothing Left to Do

    When There is (Almost) Nothing Left to Do

    The more the company descended into its chaos and troubles, the more the CEO relied on the respite his meditation practice provided. Interestingly, though not a widespread occurrence, some middle managers also embraced mindfulness meditation. Instead of running out to fast-food lunches these employees either closed their office doors or in other cases, spent a little quiet meditation time before or after work.

  • The Leader Who Lives in the Present

    The Leader Who Lives in the Present

    Many entrepreneurial or executive run profits and nonprofits often follow a type of playbook that dictates how they should behave in a certain instance, without giving credence to the fact that no two situations are ever identical.

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