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  • The Runaway Executive

    The Runaway Executive

    Being an executive coach, and always fascinated with human behavior, I must admit that I could not get the word “runaway” out of my head, especially as it pertains to issues of leadership. VIM Executive Coaching works with entrepreneurs and executives in all kinds of for profit and not-for-profit organizations. It is not uncommon for us to work with clients who feel as though they are on a runaway train or escape making difficult decisions like a runaway bride!

  • The Explorer Who Never Set Sail

    The Explorer Who Never Set Sail

    In life, and especially in the workplace, “The Truth” can be a very elusive destination. Every employee, whether an executive leader or a lower level manager has their own perspective. We know that there is no such thing as an absolute truth, even though it is an expression we have heard a hundred times before.

  • When the Executive Says: Let Me Be Honest

    When the Executive Says: Let Me Be Honest

    Doc had a fascinating story, especially fascinating to a group of 11 and 12-year-old kids who were pretty much devoid of any baseball talent. For a few years (and he had some wrinkled old pictures to prove it), Doc made it all the way up to Triple-A baseball. He played one season for the Buffalo Bison’s, and two seasons for another team, I think Toledo. He even shared that if it hadn’t have been for WWII, he might have brought him up to the big leagues.Doc got injured. He never told us how, but he walked with a limp.

  • What Are You Saying, Without Saying?

    What Are You Saying, Without Saying?

    It should come as no surprise that shortly after, after an employee felt threatened by his attitude and anger during a meeting, he was brought before his boss and was terminated. The HR director reported to me that the man berated his boss in the meeting as being “soft and coddling.”

  • The Close Minded Executive

    The Close Minded Executive

    At VIM Executive Coaching, our mission is not to point out mistakes, but to encourage change and improvement in leadership skills when we detected problems. It seemed as though this administrative assistant had been allowed to take on an inordinate amount of power. Much more than that, his opinion of his employees was open or closed based on second-hand information received from someone who was several layers removed from the executive.

  • The Leader Who Leads in the Moment

    The Leader Who Leads in the Moment

    Truthfully, almost no one we have ever encountered at VIM Executive Coaching is truly a natural born leader. It just doesn’t work like that! Leadership, whether in corporate or entrepreneurial settings is a skill and a practice, no different than being a concert violinist, surgeon or a martial artist.

  • Anticipating Change by Finding True North

    Anticipating Change by Finding True North

    At VIM Executive Coaching our objective as a business coach is to teach entrepreneurs and executives to anticipate changes in their work environment and to respond to those changes. Notice we don’t say react, but respond. Reacting is like following the heading on a compass ‘round and ‘round. Responding to change is to be centered within yourself, to have a sense of true north in your life and to set a logical course in order to achieve an outcome in your organization.

  • Drafting Executive Leadership?

    Drafting Executive Leadership?

    “Coaching,” I said, “is about recognizing talent, to be sure, but to leave emotional intelligence and ‘humanity’ out of the equation is a guarantee of being in last place.” I had the audacity to suggest that he should dial it back on his perception of analytics, and re-discover the inner feelings and intangibles in other people. He admitted it might be an interesting approach to at least explore.

  • The Inter-Generational Executive

    The Inter-Generational Executive

    It is not that inter-generational issues have appeared on the scene for the first time in history, it is just that there is an “obsession” many of us seem to have with understanding the Millennial. It is as though Millennials have appeared in the workplace after being beamed down to earth from a distant galaxy!

  • The (Not So) Plugged-In Executive

    The (Not So) Plugged-In Executive

    When relying on outside sources to solve leadership problems, the executive often loses “self” and more, importantly authenticity. Therefore, when confronted with a workplace conflict executives who over-rely on social media may try to solve a problem totally outside of how they might normally, instinctively operate. There becomes an inconsistency that employees can never seem to anticipate or understand. The leader, him or herself, becomes a different person to match any occasion. Yesterday’s advice becomes totally changed today; today’s solved problem becomes completely re-arranged tomorrow. It just never seems to stop.

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