Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring Services

VIM offers one on one executive and business coaching in person in the Denver Metro Area or nationwide and internationally by phone and email.

Our services offer the flexibility to meet your specific circumstances with a structured process that delivers results you can feel after the first session. Programs can last as little as a few weeks or as long as several years.

Two Reasons VIM Business Coaching Services are So Effective

1. A Powerful Combination of the Practical and the Philosophical

Our coaching combines practical, bottom-line business consulting with spiritual and philosophical practices that deliver dynamic solutions to your immediate pain points while providing the depth needed to unravel and transform complex challenges over the long-term. Learn more about our coaching process.

2. Real Business Experience First, Coaching and Mentoring Second

Many coaches, while well meaning, have little more than a certificate from an online coaching course or coaching franchise. While certain aspects of coaching can be learned, many of the most important benefits a business coach or mentor can offer come only after years of in the trenches experience. Russell Owens has owned several successful businesses and managed a large number of sales and executive professionals over the course of his distinguished 35 plus year career. Russell’s services offer an almost unimaginable depth of wisdom based on his real world business experience along with strong coaching skills. Learn more about Russell’s experience.

Are You The Right Fit for VIM Executive Coaching Services?

Coaching is a personal process. You want to be sure you select the right coach for your needs and we want to work with clients that fit our style. Below is a list of common attributes that might make you a good candidate for VIM coaching services.

  • You’re an executive or business owner facing tough challenges
  • You or your company is going through a change and you need guidance in the transition
  • You need guidance from an experienced business owner to make your business venture profitable and successful
  • You are dealing with personality conflicts or dysfunction at work
  • You have family or financial issues that are affecting your overall satisfaction and performance
  • Your work or family challenges are causing worry and stress and draining you of your vitality and zest for life

If any of the above statements resonates with you, we encourage you to try a free session to determine if our services will meet your needs.

If you are interested in developing a meditation practice, VIM Meditation can help you. More about VIM Meditation here.
"I've become more effective, more productive, and much happier. It's been nice. Mapping out solutions with Russell is sincerely a fascinating and rewarding process....
~Jon Michael Bray

VIM: - noun: lively or energetic spirit; enthusiasm; vitality